30 Days of SF- Dec 10th

Sketchbomb is held once a month at a bar called the Grove (checkout their facebook page to see when it is happening next) and run by a good buddy of mine Alphonso.


Basically, everyone gets a subject to draw their own interpretation of and a limited amount of time to draw it, and then we all share our drawing round-table style while everyone circles it and silently judges (jk everyone is really cool).


I’ve been going to sketchbomb for about four years now, and it’s easily one of my favorite drawing events in the city. I’ve made some really good friends there, and I highly recommend to anyone who’s an artist, no matter your skill level, to go and give it a shot.

Sorry for the short posting this time around, but I’ve got a pretty big one tomorrow for you all, so get your reading glasses polished and ready to go.

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