30 Days of SF- Dec 8th

Since I’ve been spending a little bit of time exploring the Presideo, I decided to visit my friend Priyanka at the Disney Museum since I had never been there before. She’s always telling me about how Walt was such a cool guy, and I’ve always been raised hearing all the conspiracy theories about him wanting to start a cult and all that nonsense, but I had never gotten a chance to really learn about him as a person. Apparently he accomplished quite a bit.

The Walt Disney Museum 

Like everyone my age, I was raised by Disney movies during the time that the 2D animated world was really hitting a good stride before it had the carpet pulled out from under it by 3D technology. My movies were Aladdin, Lion King, Hercules, and Atlantis (which I had more appreciation for when I was older and followed Mike Mignola and Joss Whedon’s careers). The museum didn’t cover any of those movies unfortunately, but they did cover Jungle Book and a few other ones that were a little before my time, but still appreciated. However, seeing how the original Micky Mouse was made of nightmares was interesting.

The evolution of Mickey Mouse

If you’re reading my blog, I imagine you’re in the know about Disney’s World War 2 campaigns already.

You get them dirty Nazis!

The museum is actually very comprehensive and a whole lot bigger than I had ever imagined. There’s models of the original Disneyland, animatronics, and something like three stories of info and very well presented historical accounts of Walt’s life.

The War Room
Some old-timey cameras
That castle thing
This is how color is done

The drawing that I did today was for Christmas, and it’s a creepy Santa.

creepy old Santa



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