30 Days of SF- Dec 6th

AT&T park holds a charity Christmas event every year, and this year the Cartoon Art Museum had an area sectioned off for teaching kids how to create characters and draw superheroes. I was lucky enough this year to get to be one of the instructors for the event, which is a first time thing for me.

AT&T park

I’ve met a lot of friends at the Cartoon Art Museum in my time living in San Francisco. I’ve been involved in many drawing events for upcoming movies and geared to earning some money for the museum, and I’ve attended some of the best art exhibits that I’ve ever seen here. CAM is the only cartoon and comic book art museum on this side of the United States, making their presence in San Francisco a very important and unique. I’d say that throughout my time in SF the places that are the most important to me and the crux of my life here have been AAU, CAM, and Mission Comics. They’ve had exhibits from Savage Dragon and Image original pages to the full sets used in Paranorman. I’ve met Robert Kirkman, Eric Larsen, and J.H. Williams here, and the list of amazing events that the people from CAM have done over the years is so extensive that I would need a blog just for that.

a shot of the field

AT&T Park is the best baseball stadium in the city, period. The Giants have been on an amazing run over the last decade, and it’s brought some pretty outstanding energy to the city. I’ll never forget watching them win the world series the first time, and how the streets were a literal sea of orange and black. It’s like every normal person went inside and all the fans came out to party. Have you ever seen that movie Batman Begins, and scarecrow releases the gas at the end that makes the mobs of people run around acting insane? It was like that, just less violent. The first year that they won was the time they beat George Bush, and it was the time that I was in the front line of people that led the mob from Civic Center all the way to the giants stadium. The interesting thing about that win was that people were acting like it was a win for not only the Giants, but for the city and it’s politics as well. When George Bush Jr came on the screen during the game, everyone would boo and hiss, and the one Texas fan in the bar looked like he was going to cry.

our instruction board

Anyway, this event was a lot of fun. Ellis, Nina, and Brian were there helping kids and spreading the Christmas cheer. There were athletes and all kinda of mascots running around, and it was a great event!

Nina’s Super Rudolphe is on point
Santa on the pitcher’s mound

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