30 Days of SF- Dec 5th

Today I was invited the Dickens Fair by my good friend Cyrus Wade, and artist from AAU. Held at the Cow Palace (right down the street from where I live) the Dicken’s Fair is an incredibly immersive experience, where you don’t really even have to be a fan of his stories to really enjoy. It’s actually the coolest living history museum type experience that I’ve personally ever had.

The gates of London

The Dicken’s fair is like being transported to a literal olden times England, complete with different rooms becoming different areas taken from Dicken’s novels. My favorite one being the dimly lit night-time scene that is the Docks. The drawing that I did here is actually taken from a crazy puppet that a vendor had made and was selling outside of where the dock workers were singing.

my favorite puppet ever made

I had made my way through the cat calling prostitutes of the red light district and found Cyrus Wade dressed like a low level thief with a hand full of dice and using the top of a barrel to hustle gold coins from passerby’s. Funny enough, he wasn’t the only one doing this outside the Absinthe bar. I tried my hand at beating ol’ Cyrus and found myself to soon be in the company of beggars.

some card playing hustlers 

We walked around and drew beautiful women posing for masks in store windows, and checked out the Adventures Club for a figure drawing event that was being run by Gary Amaro, the most badass comics teacher currently at AAU.

Holy wow

Not only do you encounter the chimney sweepers, whores, and characters from the Dickens novels roaming the streets and never breaking character, but the people who attend the event do some acting as well, which adds to the fun. You can find the Queen walking the streets with her guards as everyone at the pubs yell out “God Save the Queen” as she wanders by. This fair is a trip, I’m telling you.

Some singing dock workers

The coolest dude in the whole thing was the first mate of the Captain Nemo’s Nuatilus, going by the name of Lt. Harding, and carrying a huge squid murdering rifle. If only I could be as cool as my fake ancestor.

a map of the fair

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