30 Days of SF- Dec 4th

Today I saw a magic show at a place called the Exit Theater, put on by two of my friends Dani Coleman and Chase Martin. The show was comprised of street magicians who had decided to band together and do a show indoors, which ended up being a pretty amazing show. I was called up to help tie someone up in a crazy straitjacket, and help do a bunch of cool tricks. My buddy Chase was the person that I had come to see, and his magic tricks are pretty legendary.

the Exit Theater 

Chase is friends with the incredibly talented writer, Dani Coleman, who had brought him along to a comic release party for the first volume of Ultrasylvania. When asked what he did for a living, he casually replied that he did magic. “Well okay buddy, lets see it” was the general response- one that he was probably very used to. He didn’t bring anything with him, but luckily we’re a bunch of nerds and one of us had a deck of magic the gathering cards. Chase went on to do a “is this your card” trick, and to be honest it was a little lackluster. He handed the cards back, and we all rewarded him with a half clap, “keep it up kid,” and were about to go about our business when he claimed that he was feeling a little sick. He lurched over the pool table, bracing himself against it and gave a disgusting burp as everyone in the vicinity turned, their vomit alarms starting to go off. Our attention was on him now as he leaned forward and something deep in his stomach started to move upwards into his throat. He tried to stop it, a panicked look on his face and he turned towards us to vomit half a deck of magic the gathering cards all over the place. Since that day, I have been a fan.

Chase is the dude on the left

I had been to the Exit Theater once in my life to see my older brother Jason’s stage production. Not only did Jason play the role of a retired Conan, but he had also wrote the script for the comedy about Conan’s daughter causing a bunch of trouble and taking off to cause even more mayhem elsewhere. The play was done by a group of actors calling themselves the Thunderbird company, all of them being native to SF. They’ve put on a good number of comedies, but this one was easily their best yet, and the audience thought so. It was the first time I ever saw my older brother end up on the cover of the entertainment section in the San Francisco Chronicle.

that straight jacket I tied the guy up in

So, in the interest of brotherly love, I drew a picture of my other brother’s character Banana Frampton- star of youtube. There you go you jerks, now you have to draw my popapocalypse characters or you’re getting nothing for Christmas from me!

Banana effin’ Frampton!


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