30 Days of SF- Dec 3rd

Today was a very good day with some very good news. A comic that my good buddy Mark Simmons and I had pitched about a year ago has just gotten the green light all around! So, expect to see more on that soon. Today was also my roommate’s final day of work at EA, so the few of us at the house went out to celebrate at a place in the mission called Frijtz Belgian Fries.


As you can imagine, they specialize in fries and burgers. Not specifically fries, but in dipping sauces, which they give you a choice of two from among about thirty. There’s weird ones like strawberry bbq sauce and lemon mayonnaise. I rounded it out with a root beer float and a Houston spicy hamburger.

Today, I chose to draw the lead character for the comic that Mark and I are working on. You’re not gonna know who it is yet, and I can’t tell you, but it is someone that exists somewhere out there in the entertainment world. Is that mysterious? Wait in suspense and I’ll let you know more about it soon…


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