30 Days of SF- Dec 3rd

So, I’m getting kicked out of SF at the end of this month, and I’m not sure when I’ll be moving back, so I’ve dedicated a little bit of time to a place everyday to go and do some drawing!

image1 (1)
Inside the office at Madefire. Lookit all them Statues and Artwork!

For my third day I went back to my old workplace in the East Bay- I know this isn’t technically San Francisco, but it’s a hop over the bridge, and it was to visit a place I had spent most of my working career in SF employed at.

Madefire is the leading digital comics platform and motion comics producer in the country, if not the world. Started up by a couple of like minded artists and entrepreneurs, Madefire was always a very artistic and passionate place to work. Every three months they would throw parties to give back a little bit to the people who supported them, and they were always very good to me. I started working there when I went with a teacher of mine to go and pitch them an idea, and they liked my “Planet Bananas” comic so much that they gave me the test and hired me. Before I knew what was happening, I was already leading a team of people, and making motion comics full time for books like Transformers, Hellboy, and DC comic’s Injustice.

image3 (1)
Some artwork by the inspiring Liam Sharp

I’ve met some really good people at Madefire, who’ve been incredibly supportive of my own comics and gave me really the only job I ever could have had the flexibility to work full time while still going to school full time. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I ever would have been able to get through college as successfully as I did. I was lucky as hell, and I know it haha.

image2 (1)
The outside of the offices, where there is absolutely NO OUTLET

So I dropped by and played some games with them and for the drawing today, I drew my old boss’s awesome character “Cyber Wulf.” You should read the motion comic titled “Cyber Wulf” either through one of the numerous Madefire app platforms, or on DeviantArt.

image4 (1)
Cyber Wulf!

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