Monthly Archives: February 2015

SUPERHOPE! The coolest charity in the world!

Recently I was contacted by the coolest charity in the world, Superhope. They’re an organization that just started to do work in California at the hospital in Stanford, working with children suffering from cancer. They contacted me through the school, and asked me if I wanted to take part in it, which of course I did! Along with my friends Ha and Lanie, as well as many other very talented video photographers and costume designers, we went to Stanford and interviewed these very amazing kids with the intent on having them guide me through designing a super hero character for each of them. With their input and guidance, I then designed costumes, which then went to the costume designers to build for the kids. Here’s just the first look at some of the awesomeness that went down.1396022_1626894804205613_3398787222354422040_n 1450283_1617100368518390_7393446870704117150_n 10968484_1624498121111948_7982640449709276490_n 10985604_1626081007620326_1536889377219906433_n 10987012_1625092937719133_7337057303372661518_n 10994166_1629034910658269_2971709212450753120_n supergirl The Light wolfman