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New Popapocalypse Page is Colored

That’s right, I just finished coloring a new page of Popapocalypse! This scene is a little back room dealing going on between Rabbit and the Captain. And yes, that’s the Hawaiian, who was designed by Vincent Kakua!


The Space-Bear KLONDIKE first designs by Ha “Splendid River” Hoang!

As you might know, the very talented artist and cartoonist and also very good friend, Ha Hoang has taken the challenge to illustrate and co-create my story “Godspeed!” I’m very excited to have him working with me to create this story, and there’s not a soul on this earth that could do a better job than him! In case you don’t believe me, I’m gonna prove it, and share with you the first few concept sketches he’s turned in.

1598161_10152165344194111_1991425115_nThis here space-bear is known as “Klondike.” He’s a surly old cop whose long and decorated career as a universal policeman had earned him the privilege of being the stationed agent assigned to Hollyworld (formally known as Earth). It’s an assignment that every space-bear wanted but only the best be honored with. However, Klondike didn’t like Hollyworld, with its glitz and glamor, and it was during Klondike’s watch that “The Vanishing” occurred, leaving him with nothing but a wild planet devoid of any human life. The catastrophe was laid on his shoulders as a huge dishonor to his entire tenure as a space police, but despite this, he preferred the wild new earth that was left behind. His cozy path to retirement quickly turned into his greatest failure, and he now spends his years search relentlessly for clues to what happened to the humans, and desperately hoping for a way to regain honor amongst the police corps.

There were a couple of designs that Ha went through to get to the finished sketch that you see above:

1615191_10152165344179111_567948191_n 1655546_10152169882189111_855510714_o

After consulting me, and once my geek-out of how awesome these designs were was finished, we settled on a something that we both liked, and felt fit the character. Next up was some action poses:

1795017_10152178415469111_596655432_o 1618143_10152178415489111_865551324_o

Yeah, Klondike is looking good now. I especially like the design of his face. When I originally thought of him, I described him to Ha as being a big, beat-up polar bear in a space suit. Ha used and built upon this design, adding some cat-like features on him as well as having him remain bear-like. You can imagine that I was very happy with the result!

1616739_10152171718534111_1158791208_n 1655129_10152173760364111_1876507887_n